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T.I.I. Co., Ltd. (Insurance Institute) (the “Company”) would like to inform the visitor of this website under the name of ‘’ (the “Website”) that in the performance and function of this Website, the Company would require to use several types of Cookies in order to assure the full and complete service provisions of the Website to you and to facilitate or accommodate your access and use of the Website. Since Cookies are considered one of the personally identifiable information under the applicable laws (“PII”), the Company then would like to inform you about our Cookies application. In this regard, the Company agrees to only use the Cookies with the limited purposes as necessary and adopt the most appropriate information security standard in compliance with the terms, conditions and standards prescribed under the applicable laws.

Once you, as the user, either as the individual user or the representatives of your corporate user, enters into this Website of the Company, the Company shall deem that you have agreed and accepted to be bound and comply with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall be applicable to this Website of the Company only and shall not be applicable to the services or other websites of any third parties that may connect to the Website. In such circumstances, you should be studying the relevant privacy policy declared and announced by those third parties that are separated from this Privacy Policy.

The Company may adjust or amend this Privacy Policy at any time in order to assure the compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and to meet the application of the Cookies used by the Company. The Company shall notify you of all the amendments and modifications made by announcing the amended Privacy Policy on the Website.

Cookies that the Company uses

Cookies are text files stored on the user’s computer browser directory or program data subfolder in order to keep data log of the user’s internet usage and behavior or interaction on the Website. For the performance of the Website, the Company need to use 4 types of Cookies for various purposes as defined below :

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies are the cookies essential for the user to browse the Website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the Website;
  2. Functionality Cookies are the cookies used to record information about choices that the user have made in the Website such as personal settings, languages, and fonts so this would allows the Company to tailor our Website features that would match the user’s preference setting;
  3. Performance Cookies are the cookies used to assess the performance in any part of the Website; provided that the assessment may be conducted by the Company and/or the third party service provider who the Company has engaged to perform that service; and
  4. Advertising Cookies are the cookies used to record the user’s on-site behavior and history of the Website visited and this would allow the Company and/or the third party service provider engaged by the Company to provide the user the services and products that suit the user’s preferences and to assess the success of each function of the Website.

For the use of Strictly Necessary Cookies, the Company needs to use these cookies for the performance of the Platform in full capacity and without this type of cookies, the Company shall not be able to provide the designated services to the user.

For other types of Cookies, the Company will only use those cookies upon the receipt of the user’s consent and those Cookies shall be used for a limited purpose.

Even though the use of Cookies would enhance the performance in providing services in any features of the Website to the user, the user shall be entitled to disable the Cookies setting on the user’s browser at their own will; provided that the user shall acknowledge that the Cookies-disabled setting may impact the efficiency and the performance of the Website as defined in details for each type of Cookies above.

Data Subject Rights

The Company acknowledges and accepts the user’s rights as the data subject as defined under the applicable laws, in particular various types of Cookies used by the Company. The user shall be entitled to exercise their right, in addition to the right to disable the Cookies setting, in particular to the right to withdraw consent that has been given for the use of Functionality Cookies / Performance Cookies and/or Advertising Cookies.

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