Reinsurance Training Course

June 28, 2021, 09:00-17:00 (GMT+7)
through Online Conference Platform

Lectured by Mr.Monson Marukatat

– Associate in Risk Management from the American
Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters,
Associate in PRM from the Professional Risk
Managers’ International Association PCL

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Subject Covered

  • Traditional proportional and nonproportional insurance. Finite reinsurance is not covered in this class.
  • Reinsurance treaty analysis
    • Proportional
    • Nonproportional

Target Audience

Non-life insurance professionals who want to understand concepts and practices of selected reinsurance treaty wordings to the extent that they can bring back tools obtained from the class to use in the dayto-day work.

Teaching Approach

The class will comprise standard lecture plus assignments in the form of Excel spreadsheets that cover real-life situations and for students to play around with numbers (“simulation”) to understand the impacts of changes to the portfolio.


Students are required to have a basic skill of Excel. Each student has to bring his/her own computer (not mobile or tablet) loaded with Excel to class as there will be in-class assignments throughout the session.


Preliminary Course Outline (Actual flows and content may vary)


  • Types of reinsurance (Q/S, Surplus)
  • Exercise – Q/S allocation
  • Sliding scale commission
  • Treaty placement process (PNOC/DNOC) 
  • Exercise – Surplus allocation, loss ratio and standard deviation of portfolio, the effects of reinsurance and standard deviation 
  • Exercise – Analysis of surplus. ‘Simulate’ numbers to understand the effects of surplus lines/limits vs. retained %/limits to various results 
  • Exercise – Impact of company’s underwriting policy (retention table of limits, occupancy class) to portfolio results Simulation to understand the impact of the change in underwriting policy to results 
  • Exercise – Continue with the above, what conditions would you impose if you

Non-proportional (Excess of Loss only)

  • Terms (deductible, priority, cat, risk, layering, risk attaching vs loss occurring)
  • Per Risk vs Per Event
  • Exercise – Per risk XL claims
  • Exercise – Per event XL claims
  • Exercise – Flood loss XL to cover net retained portion, loss to surplus, effect of surplus event limit that overflows to retention
  • More on XL terms (GNPI, ROL, Reinstatement)
  • Exercise – reinstatement calculation
  • Exercise – ROL calculation. Comparing two quotations with different GNPI and rates based on ROL
  • Exercise – Experience rating and buying decision based of quotation obtained
  • Exercise – Hour clause claims based on 3-month flood losses
  • Exercise – Net retained loss from overflows and reinstatement premiums based on above
  • Exercise – Visualizing portfolio’s risk profile.
  • Exercise – Visualizing portfolio’s loss profile. Exercise – Loss to risk profile. How to use information to 1) change underwriting guideline to improve portfolio performance, and 2) buy reinsurance

Treaty Analysis – Surplus/XL

  • Understanding key treaty provisions
  • Exercise – Calculation of sliding scale and loss participation
  • Exercise – Calculation of loss of attraction
  • Exercise – Calculation of reinstatement premium and MDP

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